TRS Consignment Service

Works just like other consignment services, the main difference is how your item is
sold. Ebay, the on-line auction, has a world wide market so your item has much
greater visibility. Your local link to the global market!
Could you use a little extra money?

Like most people you probably have items in your house that you have not touched
in years. You can turn them into extra cash by using TR's Consignment Service!

What do you get?

  • A seller with an excellent Ebay reputation
  • World wide exposure for your item
  • Professional quality photographs
  • The knowledge that your item is being sold in a competitive market where it
    will get top dollar.
How does it work?

Contact the service with a description of your item. Next you will get a value
estimate. Then we will set up a pick up time and you will be given a receipt for your
merchandise. TR's Consignment service will then take photos and create ad copy
for your item's auction. Your item is listed on Ebay and you are sent a link to the
page so you can monitor your items progress. TR's Consignment Service will then
get your item ready for shipping, collect payment, ship the item and cut you a check.
TR's Consignment Service wants to handle your selling needs. We have the
technical experience in addition to the auction strategies to get you top dollar for
your item. We are conveniently located in the St. Louis, Missouri metro area.

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I am also a registered eBay Trading Assistant
Program Description
If you want to sell something, but you don’t
want to do it yourself, eBay Trading
Assistants are qualified sellers who sell items
on eBay for a fee. When you use a
Trading Assistant, your item will be sold by an
experienced member of the eBay
community who’s in good standing. eBay
Trading Assistants are another way to
trade with confidence on eBay.
eBay Trading Assistants are independent sellers, not employees or contractors of eBay Inc.
Click here to view consignment contract
details and fee schedule
This site was created and is maintained by Trish Ribaudo, owner & operator of TRS Consignment Service.
St. Louis, MO 63123. Copyright 2005-2006.
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